At Doha Waterproof Factory, we offer an exceptional range of PE welding rods, specifically crafted for extrusion welding processes. These rods have widespread applications, notably in repairing HDPE pipes or sheets, and in facilitating effective welding on HDPE joints.

Our polyethylene welding rods are meticulously fabricated using superior-grade polyethylene and vibrant color masterbatch. The manufacturing process involves precision heating, plasticizing, and extrusion, ensuring the final product is of the highest quality.

Product Specifications

  1. Color: Our HDPE welding rods come in a range of colors including Black, Blue, and White. We also offer customized color options on request.
  2. Shape: The welding rods feature a uniform round shape, perfect for a wide array of welding needs.
  3. Thickness: Available in multiple thicknesses – 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm.
  4. Packaging: For convenient storage and transport, the rods are thoughtfully packed into 3kg coils.

Choose Doha Waterproof Factory’s HDPE Welding Rods for your welding needs, and experience the blend of quality and performance.